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With our innovative Whole School Program, you can unleash the full potential of your school community! Witness a dance routine unlike any other, in which every student and staff member exudes confidence and pride. Our innovative scaffolding techniques ensure that all students benefit from inclusive learning. Join us on this successful journey and be a part of something truly unique. Enroll right away!

Te Kāpehu School Teacher Feedback

All the parts! I loved how you kept it interesting - it was so well pitched for our young learners

 Our Programme


Let’s Siva is an education, health & wellbeing approach that supports young people to learn strategies to help with their mental abilities, physical activation and spiritual success through participating in a collective experience of Dance.

Dancing together creates a shared sense of energy, excitement, and belonging. Through synchronized movements, dancers feel connected beyond themselves, experiencing awe in the beauty of collaboration and unity.



Leadership is important for young people because it allows them to take charge and make a positive impact. Dance is an excellent way to cultivate leadership qualities such as self-confidence, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. Dance also encourages creative expression and leadership skills, inspiring others to do the same.

Otahuhu Intermediate Teacher Feedback

I think Let's Siva is a great program to bring the school together, this program has given the kids a sense of achievement and it has increased their confidence greatly.



After-school programs allow students to develop their dance skills further, receive individual attention, participate in advanced classes and performances, and foster a lifelong love of Siva. This can positively impact their self-esteem, self-discipline, and well-being, leading to better outcomes in school and life.

Mayfield Primary School Teacher Feedback

Seeing the whole school perform for their parents on that day and seeing their faces light up.



Let's Siva supports teachers in providing effective dance education for all learners. Our innovative, student-centered approach emphasizes the use of various teaching methods and resources. We offer ongoing training and support to help teachers deepen their understanding of dance education, boost their confidence and competence in teaching dance, and deliver engaging and meaningful learning experiences to all students, including those who learn differently.

Papatoetoe East Primary Teacher Feedback

It was the best experience for our tamariki. They loved every minute of it. Not only did they learn new dance moves and skills, they also learnt life lessons that will stick with them like 'keep trying and never give up'. Our students, teachers and parents have all been saying this which we love!

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